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Subversion Diaries

Women from the majority world have historically been practicing feminist foreign policy: Be that in the resistance to colonialism and systemic and structural violence, or in asserting their leadership in their communities through practices like food sovereignty and trade. Primarily action-takers, their actions and practical leadership has been documented in the doing rather than in writing. Subversion Diaries chronicles pioneering endeavours that have centered and practiced the original values of Feminist Foreign Policy in the majority world. 

White Papers

Vaishnavi Pallapothu (2020) "A Woman's Place is in the Resistance" (Read)

2019-2020 were marked by numerous revolutionary movements and protests across the world, initiated, organized and led by women from grassroot origins. This white paper takes a deep dive into three case studies of such movements and finds common threads between them, followed by an analysis of unprecedented transnational solidarity among the groups taking to the streets.

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