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Submission Guidelines

The Gender Security Project is an initiative born out of a desire to expand the scope of the global understanding of gender at the policy, legal, and institutional level. The project is set up to take a deep dive into themes centred on gender, human security, peace, and conflict and related areas that overlap with these core areas of focus. We currently focus on the following areas:

·     Peace and Conflict

·     The WPS Agenda

·     Feminist Foreign Policy

·     Transitional Justice

·     Post-Conflict Transition


We invite articles that look at the intersection of gender and any of these areas and aspire to build a platform with dedicated analytical articles on these areas. We welcome writers from the Global South, as well as those who are also learning, reflecting, introspecting, and engaging in the process of creating pieces.

A few guidelines to bear in mind when you write for us are as follows:  

  • Please share a word document with us, instead of a PDF, as it makes the process of editing and publishing seamless.

  • Readers would love to learn from and understand what you have to say. Staying authentic to your own views – buttressed with research and references wherever required is highly recommended.

  • We follow the APA style of referencing, or, if your references are entirely web-based, we work with hyperlinks, too.

  • We have a strict editorial policy against plagiarism, and therefore would request that the article that you are sending hasn’t been shared or published on any other platform or blog prior to publication on our platform.  

  • Please ensure that your article has a word limit of minimum 600 words and a maximum of 1,500 words. Variations are possible on a case-by-case basis.

  • A list of references, sources, and databases relied on at the end of every article is essential to process your article.

  • Please send us a bio / informational note on yourself as a contributing author. Every author is listed on our “Contributing Authors” page, with a link to your articles as well. 

  • Send in your article to once you’re ready!

  • We reserve the right to edit your article for readability and grammar. Where substantive edits and revisions are to be made, we will make sure to discuss the edits with you.

  • Please note that sending us your article does not guarantee a publication. Our team reserves the right to reject articles that do not fit within our scope.

  • We receive high volumes of submissions on a daily basis, so the average review process for articles ranges from between 5-7 working days. We publish on a rolling basis and fit in publications based on our publication window. However, if your article is time sensitive, please indicate thus in your email to us and we will make sure to respond at the earliest.

  • As an independent feminist initiative, we are currently not in a position to offer monetary remuneration for articles we publish. However, we do offer a platform, promotion on our social medial channels, and space to include links to your other work.

  • The copyright of all the posts jointly rests with The Gender Security and the authors themselves. Potential cross-posting opportunities must be discussed such cross-posts are made.

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