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Women, Peace, and Security

Our work with the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda centers on research, reportage, and documentation. We highlight practice, policy, and approaches in the global south within the ambit of the WPS Agenda, and call for intersectional, inclusive, and intergenerational engagement to pursue the successful implementation of the agenda.  This section chronicles backgrounders, Documentation of Sexual Violence, and recent articles reporting on and discussing the WPS Agenda. 

White Papers

Srivastava, Stuti (2021). "Servicing the Soldier:  Sexual Slavery and Forced Prostitution in War Times" (Read)
Verma, Samya (2022). "The Rainbow Tide: Queer Modernity Fuels Statism Weaponizing Sexual Politics To Quell Governance" (Read)


Recent Articles

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