Meet The Core Team

Kirthi Jayakumar


Kirthi is a feminist researcher and lawyer working in the areas of women, peace, transitional justice, and security. She holds a BA LLB(Hons.) from SOEL, Chennai, an MA from UPeace, Costa Rica, and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies as a Commonwealth Scholar at Coventry University. 

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Vaishnavi Pallapothu

Head, Feminist Foreign Policy

Vaishnavi is a writer, researcher, and the co-host of the Feminifesto podcast. Her core focus areas include foreign policy, intersectional feminism, and international relations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of London.


Esha Meher

Head, Legal Research

Esha Meher is a Human Rights lawyer and the founder of Project Darya, an initiative documenting the intersection of feminism and Islam. She is an alumna of the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and is equally passionate about legal advocacy and activism.

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Manasa Ram Raj

Head, Legal Research

Manasa is a lawyer from Christ University, Bangalore. She has a keen interest in working around children and gender, international law and peace. Working at the intersection of law, rights and gender, she focuses on understanding intricacies of gender and gender-based violence.

Regular Contributors

Raakhee Suryaprakash.jpg

Raakhee Suryaprakash

Raakhee has an MA in International Studies and a BSc in Chemistry. She runs a social enterprise called Sunshine Millennium that helps India's off-grid rural areas achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by setting up solar-powered development centres maintained by local stakeholders.


Rohitha Naraharisetty

Rohitha is a student of Development Studies at IIT Madras. She is interested in feminist theory, gender and development, and human rights advocacy. She is currently engaged in research on the #MeToo movement and aims to explore feminist movements and modes of resistance.

Vasanthi Swetha.jpeg

Vasanthi Swetha

Vasanthi is a poet and aspiring economist from Kanyakumari, settled in Madras. She holds a Msc in Economics from University of Warwick and works for a behavioral economics firm. She is deeply interested in development economics, with special inclination towards Gender Economics.


Aathma Kumar

Aathma is a final Year Law Student at GNLU. She is the Vice-President of LawyersGoProbono, which deals with free Legal aid and Legal Literacy. She is currently engaged in research relating to feminism and Legal Literacy and seeks to create an Gender equal world someday.

Maitreya Shah Picture .JPG

Maitreya Shah

Maitreya Shah is a final year law student at GNLU. He is blind, and has close to 7 years of experience working for disability rights. He has contributed to policy and development initiatives in focusing on access to justice, inclusive education, digital accessibility and intersectionality.

Chintan Girish Modi.jpg

Chintan Girish Modi

Chintan is a writer, educator and researcher. They engage in projects connected to peace education, queer rights, India-Pakistan dialogue, social justice and nonviolent resistance. They have worked with the UNESCO MGIEP, Seeds of Peace, CCS, and the Prajnya Trust among other initiatives.


Harini Ravi

Harini is a masters student at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Harini has previously worked at The World Bank, Chennai as a Knowledge Management analyst. She is also a voice actor for south Indian advertisements and feature films.


Sophia Brink

Sophia Brink is a mental health advocate and human rights researcher based in the United States of America. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and seeks to empower the world to be kind.


Angeline Priety

Angeline Priety is a penultimate year law student at GNLU. She heads the Social Media team at LawyersGoProbono, a legal services platform. Angeline has a keen interest in exploring the intersection of law and technology in perpetuating gender constructions.

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Madhumitha S

Madhumitha is interested in security, policymaking, and trade economics. Trained in Japanese, she worked as a translator at Fujitsu, India for two years. She is pursuing a masters degree in International Affairs at Hertie School of Governance, Berlin.

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