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Updated: Jul 11

At the Generation Equality Forum in 2021, Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Najla Elmangoush (the first woman to hold this role), announced a commitment to adopting a Feminist Foreign Policy. Libya is the first African nation to do so. Libya has not articulated a formal policy so far, but Elmangoush’s comments reflected the intention to draw from the WPS Agenda, and to promote a comprehensive, integrated approach to addressing the root causes of conflict in Libya as seen in the Libyan Stabilization Initiative. According to the announcement, Libya’s feminist foreign policy will strive to understand the perspectives of marginalized actors in Libyan foreign policy design and relevant decision-making, to improve the standards of living for those communities, and uphold human and digital security, and dignity. She also articulated a spectrum of pathways for reform, such as security sector, economic, and policy reforms.

However, the country has not seen many changes since then. Unfortunately, in mid-November 2021, protests took place in Tripoli, rejecting a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the UN in relation to the WPS Agenda, affirming that Libya should adhere to the CEDAW. Protesters reported that CEDAW was antagonistic to Islamic principles - and that FFP, CEDAW, and the WPS Agenda are at odds with Sharia'a Law. Najla Elmangoush has faced exclusionary tactics from the Presidential Council - and has been suspended and banned from travelling on the grounds of "administrative violations." She herself has been subject to abuse since her term began. Political commentator Nouran Ragrag noted that the current government in Libya - The Government of National Unity - is a transitional government and cannot single-handedly implement a feminist foreign policy or the WPS Agenda. It remains to be seen how things evolve with time.


1) Nouran Ragrag, What Does a Feminist Foreign Policy Mean for Libya?

2) ICRW, More than 30 Governments and Organizations Now Working to Advance Feminist Foreign Policy Around the World

3) Al Arabiya News, Security, stability necessary to usher in new govt: Libya FM Najla Mangoush

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