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GSP Recommends: Issue 35

GSP Recommends is a weekly round up of news, reports, recommended readings, videos and podcasts from our desk to yours. If you think something should be up here but isn’t, do write to us on with your recommendation and we will make sure to review it, engage with it, and add it up to one of our forthcoming lists.

On our desk       

COVID-19 Has Increased Gender Inequalities in the Media – Survey (Read)

The COVID-19 Gender Gap – IMF (Read)     

Reports and Studies    

CoronaShock & Socialism – Gender (Read)

Women’s Human Rights in the Changing World of Work – Report (Read

Gender Equality on the Ground – Feminist Findings for Achieving the SDG 2030 Agenda (Read)

Pivoting to Remote Research on Violence Against Women during COVID-19 (Read)

Gender Equality on the Ground – Feminist Findings for Achieving the SDG 2030 Agenda (Read

Protecting a Generation of Girls from Gender-Based Violence through COVID-19 to Recovery (Read)  

2020 Kit – 19 Days of Activism for Prevention of Violence & Abuse Against Children & Youth (Read)

News from around the world     

Arab Region – Call to Support Arab Women & Girls (Read)

Egypt – Epidemic of Violence Against Women Continues (Read)

Egyptian Women Push Back Against Sexual Assault (Read

India – Coronavirus Fallout: Impact of School Closures on Girls in India (Read)  

Lebanon – Women Migrant Domestic Workers: Between The Uprising & The COVID-19 Crisis (Read

New Zealand – Passage of Equal Pay Amendment Bill to Ensure Pay Equity Between Women & Men (Read)

Poland – Planned Withdrawl from the Istanbul EU Convention on Violence Against Women (Read

Sudan – How Stigma Created by COVID-19 Is Addressed through Social & Behavior Change Communication (Read)

Turkey – Ongoing Arbitrary Detention & Judicial Harassment of 17 Women’s Rights Defenders (Read

Turkey – Rising Violence Against Women – Public Outrage over Recent Additional Femicide (Read)

USA – Sexual Abuse Is an Epidemic Far Beyond the Headline News (Read


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