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GSP Recommends: Issue 30

GSP Recommends is a weekly round up of news, reports, recommended readings, videos and podcasts from our desk to yours. If you think something should be up here but isn’t, do write to us on with your recommendation and we will make sure to review it, engage with it, and add it up to one of our forthcoming lists.

On our desk       

For Muslim Women, Equality Means Reforming Family Laws – Campaign (Read)

Gender & Nuclear Weapons (Read)  

Gender, Climate, and Security (Read)

Brazil – Black Brazilian Women Take Bold Action Against Gender Violence (Read)

Coronavirus Coverage & Call for More Visibility of Female Scientist Expertise (Read)

Reports and Studies  

EU – Striving for a Gender Equal Europe (Read)

Food Insecurity of Displaced Women, Children, Youth (Read)

EU- Perspectives on the New LGBTI Strategy Announced by the European Commission (Read)

Dignified Menstruation Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – Report (Read)

Views of Judicial Officers on Domestic & Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions – Research (Read)

UN System’s Mandate on Organized Crime – Human Trafficking, Violence Against Women, Illicit Drugs, Cyber Crime (Read)

Afghanistan – Promoting Education During Times of Increased Fragility – Gender (Read)

Gender-Based Violence Service During COVID-19: Not Just Hotlines & Mobile Phones (Read)   

News from around the world     

Iran – COVID-19 Has Made Additional Hardships for Iran Women Functioning as Breadwinners and/or Heads of Households (Read)

Watch and Listen         

What Does It Mean To Be Stateless: Video – COVID-19 Compounds Challenges – Women & Girls (Read)


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