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GSP Recommends: Issue 12

GSP Recommends is a weekly round up of news, reports, recommended readings, videos and podcasts from our desk to yours. If you think something should be up here but isn’t, do write to us on with your recommendation and we will make sure to review it, engage with it, and add it up to one of our forthcoming lists.

Image: Jeffrey Zeldman | Flickr | Link

On our desk       

Whistle Blowers Protection – Women Whistle Blowers & Rights Defenders – Risks, Dangers – Film (Read)

Asia-Pacific Countries Adopt Declaration to Advance Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment (Read

Reports and Studies         

Women and Drugs (Read)  

Colonization, Homelessness, & The Prostitution & Sex Trafficking of Native Women (Read)

Will I ever be Safe? (Read)

The 10 Steps: Turning Women, Peace & Security Commitments to Implementation (Read)

News from around the world       

Germany: Gender Pay Gap Unchanged at 21% (Read)

Bangladesh: Rising trend of sexual harassment (Read)

African lawmakers urge action on sexual violence in urban slums (Read)

El Salvador: Landmark Femicide Case Fails to Fix El Salvador’s Patriarchy (Read)  

Syria: Refugee Women & Girls Sold into Sexual Slavery in Lebanon (Read)

EU: Gender-Based Asylum Claims & Non-Refoulement: Articles 60 & 61 of the EU Istanbul Convention on Violence Against Women (Read)    

Bangladesh: Land Tenure Security in the Chars – Scaling Up Women’s Land Rights: Key Lessons (Read)

Mongolia: High Rate of Violence Against Women (Read

Sudan: Women at the Heart of the Revolution (Read

Watch and Listen    


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