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GSP Recommends: Issue 115

GSP Recommends is a weekly round up of news, reports, recommended readings, videos and podcasts from our desk to yours. If you think something should be up here but isn't, do write to us on with your recommendation and we will make sure to review it, engage with it, and add it up to one of our forthcoming lists.

Afghans at UNHCR to protest against the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, courtesy of PradeepGaurs (ShutterStock)

On our desk

Lessons from the Balkans: How justice can be achieved for the victims of war crimes in Ukraine (Read) A Deep-Dive Into The Role Of Women In War And Peace (Read) G7 states must put age and gender equity at the centre of their policies (Read) Fighting the horror of wartime rape, Nobel Peace Prize winner won't give up hope (Read)

Reports and Studies Understanding the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Women (Read) Syria - Protracted Years of Crisis - Women's & Girls' Rights Are an Unseen Syria Crisis Casualty (Read) The Role of Women in Ceasefires: A Literature Review (Read) News from around the world

The Ukraine Genocide Debate Reveals the Limits of International Law (Read) Rape has been a ‘weapon of war for Russia’s soldiers’, but Ukraine believes it can find proof to prosecute (Read) KR lawyer: Give healthcare as reparation to survivors (Read)

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