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GSP Recommends: Issue 114

GSP Recommends is a weekly round up of news, reports, recommended readings, videos and podcasts from our desk to yours. If you think something should be up here but isn't, do write to us on with your recommendation and we will make sure to review it, engage with it, and add it up to one of our forthcoming lists.

On our desk

Investing in Women, Our Planet's Guardians & Defenders - Indigenous Women (Read)

Women, Peace, and Security: ‘A Core Principle to Making Our Armed Forces More Ready, More Resilient, and More Effective’ (Read)

New study outlines importance of gender for children caught up in conflict (Read) Women as Weapons of War: A Spectrum of Sexual Violence in Ukraine & Beyond (Read) If Canada has a ‘feminist’ foreign policy, why are we ignoring the war on Afghanistan’s women? (Read)

Reports and Studies Women, Peace, & Security Index 2021/22 + Country & Index Scores (Read) Feminist Action Nexus for Economic & Climate Justice (Read) Women's Representation in Local Governme nt: A Global Analysis (Read) Vaccine Equity in Conflict-Affected Areas: The Challenges of Development, Production, Procurement, and Distribution (Read) Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Through Multilateral Sanctions (Read) Sexual violence as a weapon of war in Ukraine (Read) News from around the world

Canada to investigate sexual violence against women in Ukraine as war crimes (Read) Can Honduras’s New President Transform Her Country? The US Sure Hopes So (Read) Iraq - Yazidis, Displaced Again, Fear More Strife in Iraqi Homeland (Read) Mexico - Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing Russ ian Invasion Denied Entry at US-Mexico Border (Read) Myanmar’s junta is blocking pathways for transitional justice (Read) Latin America - Update on Feminism, Women's Rights, Abortion (Read) Ukrainian Women Engage in Resistance and Should Be in the Peace Talks: New Survey Evidence (Read) Ukraine war: Reports reveal women are stepping up, impact on education (Read)

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