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Updated: Jul 11

In March 2023, the Colombian government announced that it is working on its Feminist Foreign Policy, centring the values of pacifism, participation, and intersectionality. The policy's intended goals are to promote gender equality, women's empowerment, and political participation of women in all their diversity, aside from respect for their human rights - including those of vulnerable population groups such as LGBTIQ+ people, and ethnic minorities, by mainstreaming the gender-transformative approach.

Three principles have been identified to guide this policy, namely pacifism (in line with the Colombian peace agreement), intersectionality (by recognizing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination), and participation (by encouraging women to engage actively in decision-making processes in the public and private spheres).[1] As part of its side event to the 67th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, the Colombian government announced that its feminist foreign policy will promote a critical examination of the inequalities, roles, social norms, and gender dynamics and stereotypes, while also seeking to recognize and strengthen positive norms that support equality and enabling environments for women and girls. The policy itself remains to be released.

Reference: [1] Colombian Feminist Foreign Policy: Concept Note

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