The Project

The Gender Security Project works to expand the scope of the global understanding of gender at the policy, legal, and institutional level through research, advocacy, and education. The project is set up to take a deep dive into themes centered on gender, human security, peace, and conflict and related areas that overlap with these core areas of focus. 
Vision: A world founded on peace, gender equality, and inclusion.
1) To support the effective engagement and participation of women and non-binary persons in peace processes
2) To curate knowledge from the Global South and People of Color at the cross section of gender and peace
3) To influence global, regional, national and trans national policies and processes to promote peace, gender based inclusion, and security with a focus on communities affected by violence, oppression, discrimination, conflict, and marginalization.

Our offerings broadly encompass:
  • Gendered analyses of peace, conflict, and security situations
  • Consultation on gender inclusion
  • Gender and mediation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Training and institutional action planning for gender sensitization
  • Training for multiple stakeholders on safety and security planning 
  • Training on gendered dimensions in areas of peace education, transitional justice, and security sector reform
  • Dialogue-building and community engagement on gender related issues
  • Awareness of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.