The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has presented the world with an unprecedented challenge that has tremendous impacts beyond what meets the eye upfront. This dedicated curation calls for a deep-rooted examination of the impacts of the pandemic, presents lessons for public health, economic, and development, and makes a compelling case for feminist and queer affirmative approaches.

The Gendered Face of COVID-19 by Kirthi Jayakumar (March 24, 2020) (Read)
Empathy in Times of Crisis by Kirthi Jayakumar (March 26, 2020) (Read)
Structural Violence and Systemic Inequalities in Disaster Response: A Case for Feminist Strategies by Kirthi Jayakumar (March 30, 2020) (Read)
How India’s trans community is affected by the COVID-19 lockdown by Sasha R (March 31, 2020) (Read)
A Review of the Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health by Sophia Paige Brink (April 1, 2020) (Read)
Inside the Lakshman Rekha: Domestic Violence During Lockdown by Rohitha Naraharisetty (April 15, 2020)  (Read)
Neither War nor a Shadow Pandemic by Kirthi Jayakumar (April 28, 2020) (Read)
Coping with COVID: Some Good News in this Patriarchal Pandemic by Harini Ravi (May 7, 2020) (Read)
COVID-19 Response: An Overview of Gender & Culture Focused Community Strategies to Address Psychosocial Needs by Sophia Paige Brink (May 14, 2020) (Read)
The Unyielding Ways of Structural Apathy by Kirthi Jayakumar (May 18, 2020) (Read)
We don't need another war by Kirthi Jayakumar (May 25, 2020) (Read)
What would you do? by Kirthi Jayakumar (June 1, 2020) (Read)
The Subtexts of Gender Based Violence during a Crisis by Vasanthi Swetha (June 15, 2020) (Read)
By women, for women, of women by Kirthi Jayakumar (July 20, 2020) (Read)