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Feminist Foreign Policy

Our work on Feminist Foreign Policy examines international relations, foreign policy, and inter-state engagement through the lens of intersectional feminism and calls for the dismantling of structural violence, war-mongering, and colonial policies. Our approach to Feminist Foreign Policy is to center a decolonial feminist lens, recognizing that a truly feminist approach to international relations and foreign policy will necessarily involve an interrogation of power, a historical and systems analysis, and a focus on community healing and justice.  


FFP Tracker 

Look up our tracker to see which states have adopted feminist foreign policies, and what these policies say.


Articles & Analyses

Visit our library of short articles, essays, and op-ed pieces on the WPS Agenda. 

Quechua Indigenous Women

Subversion Diaries

Read about decolonial feminist foreign policy practices from the majority world

“Women in the Global South have always been in the front lines of feminist fights, yet their voices are never heard unless they’re instrumentalised. You have to uphold their voices, to read their material, to re-center their narratives.”

Françoise Verges

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