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Femicide Observatory

UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Dubravka Simonovic. In 2015, she issued a call to States to establish a “femicide watch” and/or observatories, and in her report to the General Assembly in September 2016 (A/71/398), she further elaborated on the modalities for establishing such a mechanism. The overall aim of the Femicide Watch initiative has been to promote evidence-based policies and strategies for the prevention of femicide, through the collection of comparable data on femicide rates at the national, regional and global level. Analysed from a human rights perspective by national multidisciplinary bodies, data on femicides can be used by Governments in order to determine shortcomings within national laws and policies, including their lack of implementation, and to undertake preventive measures. 

In pursuit of this, the Gender Security Project's Femicide Observatory aims to document instances of femicide with quantitative and qualitative data from India. 

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