The Hague Principles on Sexual Violence

Meaningfully addressing sexual violence starts with understanding all forms of sexual violence. Over the course of 2019, over 50 civil society organisations came together to bring the voices of survivors to the forefront of discussions about addressing sexual violence. More than 500 survivors were consulted on what they think makes violence ‘sexual’. Information from consultations was complemented by input from civil society, legal practitioners, academics, and policy makers to create The Hague Principles on Sexual Violence.

The Hague Principles on Sexual Violence consist of: 
- The Civil Society Declaration on Sexual Violence – providing general guidance on what makes violence ‘sexual’, especially to survivors;  The Civil Society Declaration on Sexual Violence is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
 International Criminal Law (ICL) Guidelines – a tool for international criminal law practitioners that explains when acts of sexual violence in the Civil Society Declaration amount to international crimes,as well as practical elements to inform the international criminal law prosecution of these acts;
 Key Principles for Policy Makers on Sexual Violence – 10 key principles derived from the Civil Society Declaration to incorporate in policy development and implementation, legislative strategies and legal and judicial procedures.