Looking Structure in the Eye: The Faces of Dissent

This is a curation of photographs from protest events led by and involving women, queer, and transgender persons around the world for a variety of reasons that all center on the dismantling of oppressive structures. 

Protester and military argue in Palestine. Source: Twitter/Redfishstream
Activists stage a protest condemning the death of Payal Tadvi, in Thane. Source: PTI
Pro-democracy protest in Chile. Source: Reuters
A woman stands up to more than 300 Nazis and refuses to let them pass in the city of Borlange, Sweden. Source: Twitter
Protests against the passing of the Trans Bill in the Indian Parliament. Source: Ajita Banerjie/Scroll
Trans Rights Rally in Toronto, Canada. Source: Facebook
Women in Istanbul chanting, "We are not Silent, We are not Weak, We are not Obeying, Women are Stronger Together." Source: Istanbul/Ozan Kose/AFP  
Woman Braves The Water Cannon In Turkey. Source: Twitter
Thousands of women march in defence of democracy in Brazil. Source: Twitter
Delhi Queer Pride. Source: Noihrit Gogoi/DU Beat
High school students protest climate change outside Canadian prime minister’s campaign office in Montreal.
Source: Louis Baudoin/AFP/Getty Images

Girl Scout stands up to demonstrator at the neo-Nazi rally in the Czech city of Brno. Source: Twitter
Delhi Queer Parade. Source: Manisha Mondal / The Print
Brazil women have been at the front of struggles for a better future. Source: Twitter

An old woman confronts the Hong Kong Police. Source: Twitter
An Iraqi protester paints on a concrete barrier on al-Rasheed street in Baghdad in anti-government demonstrations Ahmad Source: Al Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images
An indigenous woman wears a mask during a protest in  Quito, Ecuador. Source: Facebook
An art student folds paper cranes in Times Square, Hong Kong during anti-government protests. Marcus Yam-Los Angeles Times. Source: Getty Images
A Woman Sits In Front Of Riot Police Blocking The Road To Protect Protesters During The Anti-Government Protest In Seoul, South Korea. Source: Facebook
A Woman Kneels Down And Holds Up A Feather While Facing Police Moving In To Break Up Anti-Fracking Protesters In New Brunswick. Source: Facebook
A woman gestures to members of the security forces during a protest against Chile's state economic model, in Santiago, Chile. Source: Twitter
A woman gestures in front of police during a protest against Chile's government in Valparaiso, Chile.
Source: Reuters
A woman confronts a member of the security forces during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile.
Source: Reuters
A woman argues with a riot policeman during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile.
Source: Reuters
A supporter of former President Evo Morales holds a Bolivian flag during clashes with police in La Paz, Bolivia.
Source: Associated Press
A Palestinian stands in front of Israeli soldiers during a protest in the West Bank village of Bilin near Ramallah against Israel's offensive in Gaza. Source: Reuters
A masked Palestinian girl uses a slingshot to hurl stones towards Israeli troops during clashes following a rally ahead of International Woman's Day. Source: Twitter
A girl hurls stones during clashes with Israeli troops at a protest where Palestinians demand the right to return to their homeland. Source: Reuters
A demonstrator is detained by members of the security forces during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile Source: Reuters
A demonstrator depicting lacerations in a peaceful march against gender violence in Chile. Source: Twitter
A demonstration against same-sex parenting was interrupted Wednesday by its very target when two women interrupted the event by sharing a kiss. Source: Twitter

Radical Queer March in Berlin calling for a Free Palestine